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The Mission

Serving the people. Securing the land.

We sacrifice to protect the innocent and to free the opressed.

Combat Careers

The core of the Army, trained to out-think, outwit, outmaneuver, outfight, and outlast any adversary.  

Leadership Training

Here, your objective is to protect national security with the unique abilities of an intelligence operative.

Combat Support Careers

Keep the Army fit and effective, applying your medical skills to challenging new scenarios.

Joining the army

The Army gives you the opportunity to travel the world, define your career, and achieve greatness. But like any great job, there are some basic requirements to join; from your physical fitness to your personal background. 

Learn what it takes to be a part of the greatest team in the world.

Eligibility and requirements

From your physical fitness to your personal background, we’re here to help you navigate what it takes to join the world’s greatest team as an Officer or enlisted Soldier.
Enlisted Soldiers are the backbone of the Army, responsible for carrying out orders and ensuring the success of their unit's mission...

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Are you ready to take the next step?

The Army allows you to choose your career from one of over 150 different jobs you qualify for. Many of these jobs are the same ones you can do in the civilian work force . The best advantage is you are earning a pay check while you are receiving your training instead of paying a college or trade school.

The Army provides a guaranteed salary based on your pay grade but there are additional allowances that make up the total Army compensation package. You will also receive an allowance for housing, food and health/dental insurance for you and your family. Some additional family support programs include affordable child-care, legal assistance services and inexpensive shopping.

In the Army you can earn a college degree and graduate debt free.

Reach out and we'll help you to get there.

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